Santa Barbara Social Media Marketing

Santa Barbara social media marketing expert Chase Reiner utilizes various tricks and techniques to increase your social media presence efficiently. If you don’t use social media to market your company, then we recommend you start. Social media is playing a huge role in how you present yourself , your business, and your website on the internet. Furthermore, it also plays into how you rank on the internet. Having a strong social media profile is crucial to every business because:

  1. It generates leads.
  2. You can share posts about your website with thousands and even millions of people.
  3. It helps your organic site listing.
  4. It creates opportunities.
  5. It enables people to connect with you who aren’t in your location.
  6. People who have strong online presences are generally more respected.


Social Media Marketing do’s and don’ts


  1. Create a Facebook page.
  2. Create a Twitter.
  3. Create a Pinterest.
  4. Create a Google plus.
  5. Create a Youtube.
  6. Post to these sites 2-3 times a week.


  1. Start trying to heavily optimize your social media presence before you properly SEO your website.
  2. Spend all your time marketing your business through social media marketing.
  3. take life too seriously! 🙂

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