Our two technicians Chase Reiner and Shain Cox are SB locals that provide fast, reliable, and affordable PC Repair. Our techs have been helping clients in sunny Santa Barbara, CA since 2012.

Laptop Repair

We fix Macs, Chromebooks, and Windows laptops.


Gaming & Dekstop PC Upgrades & Repair

We can replace, rebuild, or design a brand new PC depending on your needs.


Slow Windows 10 OS?

We can go through your registry and take out unwanted files that may harm or slow down your computer.


Buying a new computer?

We can help you decide on what PC would suit your needs best whether you’re buying from amazon or best buy.


Antivirus Software

We use the latest and greatest Antivirus software to make sure you or your loved ones don’t get infected by nasty viruses.


Give us a call now for a free quote: 805-455-5058