Computer Techs in San Luis Obispo

We can help you with:

  • Experience working at Data Center
  • On site computer set-up
  • service and repair
  • User training
  • website management
  • web development
  • integration and troubleshooting
  • Network and peripheral equipment set-up.
  • Video, surveillance, security, and other digital systems set up.
  • Entertainment and audio configuration, set-up, and service/repair.
  • Software and hardware setup and installation.
  • System configuration and optimization.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of business systems.
  • Server set up and management.


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About Our Tech Aaron in San Luis Obispo

I must reveal that I enjoy working with people more than using technology. Each client has very specific needs and requirements, and many times it is managing communication, information while training users, which I enjoy, and have been told I excel at. Honest service and fair agreements, with clear requirements and deliverable, is essential when providing service in any industry, especially in the technology department. Through experience, training, and education it is my intention to bring excellent computer help and service to individuals in the San Luis Obispo area.

By listening to a person’s needs, and communicating solutions, each client’s requirements are personally addressed and met. By using the most current technology, I can find and implement long term solutions with a cost effective process. Current and future requirements are addressed and technology systems are set-up and configured for optimum performance and future updates and upgrades.

Web needs from simple content creation to advanced geo-location SEO, video and script development, social media posts and promotions, and complete marketing systems and advertising management are just part of the whole package I bring to the table.

Reliable Computer Repair did a great job fixing my computer. The process was quick and efficient:)Jeff Restivo