William W. Shipp, Jr. offers Computer Repair in Sacramento and all surrounding cities. He specializes in rapid remediation of all issues (hardware and software), virus / malware identification, removal, and prevention, networking (including wireless range extension and setup), as well as many other issues large and small.  Client satisfaction is of paramount importance to me. Are you a college student? I offer discounts! For more information on how I can help you please fill out the form below or call now and I will get back to you ASAP.


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More About William.

I love animals and often bring my older hound with me if the client doesn’t object.  I have many other interests, some of which include road bicycling, alternative health, yoga, table tennis, golf, and billiards My high school in Virginia had the 1st computer link in the country (to University of Virginia on a teletype).  I was told that only the top ten math testers could get a pass from the head of the math department, and that I was #1.  Not wanting to miss something interesting I went a got a pass, only to be disappointed when I discovered that this teletype link only played one game, which appeared to be possibly a person typing on the other end.  Still, I was fascinated with the idea.

My 1st college engineering class was actually Fortran IV programming.  I quickly became enthralled and quit college to go to the 1st programming only school (Computer Learning Center in Fairfax, VA) where I learned Assembler on an IBM 360 mainframe.  I got hired by Olivetti which had the 1st true small business computer which was the size of a large typewriter and had a whopping 2K of memory.  We wrote full accounting packages that ran on this machine!  I moved to California in 1975 and worked for many small startups during which I got tired of not knowing how to eliminate the hardware side of troubleshooting, so I took an electronic engineering course to remedy that.  I worked on a long running Department of Defense contract involving the START treaties (I and II), as well as a couple of California state contracts.   Since 2001 I have mainly done short term small business and residential work which I enjoy.  It keeps me up to date and allows me to constantly learn and solve new riddles, as well as teach some of my clients who wish to know more about their systems.


William Can Assist You With

  • Hardware repair, slow hard drives, screen replacements
  • Data Recovery and security checks
  • Software related issues like blue screens errors, driver issues, and pop ups

Virus Removal Service

  • Trojans
  • Malware
  • Spyware
  • Bloatware
  • Pop ups

Printer Installation

  • Setup
  • Troubleshooting
  • Suggestions

Computer Builds

  • Ram Upgrade
  • PSU Replacements
  • Graphic Card or Liquid Cooling Replacements
  • and more!