Looking for Akron Computer Repair? Nick Karb, offers on-site computer repair, virus removal, laptop repair, support, PC / Mac upgrades, network setup and IT support to anyone in Summit county. Nick is only minutes away from the cities of Akron, Kent, Stow, and Hudson and can quickly respond to your computer needs. Nick can resolve computer issues like:

Nick Offers Affordable Akron Computer Repair

Concerned about the price? Not a problem. I give discounted rates to students attending UA or KSU.  My hourly rate is $50 H/r for the following services:

  1. Virus Removal
  2. Network Setup
  3. New Computer Setup
  4. Computer or Laptop Repair
  5. File Transfer and Data Backup
  6. Custom Built Computer
  7. Computer Security Consultation

I can upgrade and repair hardware, install and reinstall software (including Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems), configure wireless and wired devices, and run computer virus scans to quarantine infected files and remove adware, malware, spyware, and Trojans. I also do network setup as well.

Focus Retriever

ux, and iOS systems. I also specialize in consumer electronics and AV equipment.  I enjoy spending my evenings fine-tuning my home automation system and playing video games.  I am that friend to whom you bring your broken iPhone, the kind of person who cannot stop a project until it is fixed—I often become completely consumed.  It is all a part of my passion for understanding the way all things work.  My goal in life is to learn as much as possible so that one day I can contribute something to make life just a little bit better.

I have been a self-proclaimed tinkerer for as long as I can remember.  As a child, I could not resist the urge to play with light switches and to take apart my toys.  As an adult, my fundamental belief that technology is a human necessity needed to improve our lives fuels my passion and need to understand how all things work.

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